Unlocking opportunities: MENA's central role in global B2B transactions

Written by
Alfredo Sánchez

The global B2B payments landscape is rapidly evolving, and one region taking center stage in this transformation is the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). With a market valued at USD 994.20 Billion in 2022 and a projected value of USD 2146.70 Billion by 2030, the MENA region is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of B2B transactions.

Talking specifically about the region, in 2021, the B2B Payments Market in the Middle East and Africa was estimated to be worth USD 54 billion. By 2030, it is anticipated to reach USD 122 billion, expanding at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2022 to 2030, according to data from Straits Research.

The growth of the global B2B payments market can be attributed to several factors, including increased international trade, digitalization, and partnerships between B2B payment providers and FinTech giants. As we delve into the significant trends emerging from MENA in the world of international trade, it becomes evident that this region is a key player.

At Tribal, we recognize MENA's pivotal role in shaping the global B2B payments ecosystem. Through our innovative international payments solution, Tribal Pay, we empower businesses across MENA to engage in seamless cross-border transactions.

Tribal Pay, has emerged as a powerhouse in redefining global B2B transactions for SMBs and companies. With remarkable expertise, the platform recently achieved the milestone of —processing over USD 150 million in international transfers.

Our commitment to providing transparent and equitable dealings, along with a credit-based cost structure, eliminates hidden fees and ensures a level playing field for businesses. All these is reflected in the following data:

  • MENA - A hub of B2B activity: The MENA region stands as a central hub for commerce. The UAE and Egypt surpass other markets in terms of money transfer activity within the region. It initiates four times more regional payments than any other market, highlighting its significance in intra-regional trade.

  • Global commerce partnerships: MENA's influence in the global B2B landscape extends beyond its borders. It leads in commercial activity with markets outside of MENA, including Europe, Latin America, and even Hong Kong. MENA's strategic position makes it a preferred partner for global economies.

  • Realizing the potential: With the rising trend of real-time payments, increased smartphone penetration, and a growing B2B e-commerce industry, MENA is poised to harness its potential fully. Moreover, initiatives by various governments in the region to promote B2B payments are creating new opportunities for businesses.

As pioneers in the B2B payments and financing solutions landscape, our mission is to continue fostering innovation and agility to empower businesses and their leaders. With a major milestone in international payments, Tribal Pay reaffirms its commitment to lead the evolution of B2B payment solutions globally. As we move forward, Tribal Pay will set the benchmark for excellence in global commerce.

Unlock the potential of MENA in B2B transactions with Tribal Pay and join us in shaping the future of international trade.