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Frequently Asked Questions

About us

What is Tribal?
Are you a bank?
Where is your company located?

Application Requirements

What are Tribal's credit line application requirements?
What is required to make an application?

Tribal Pay

What is Tribal Pay?
Are there any transaction fees when using Tribal Pay?
What kind of services can I pay with Tribal Pay?
Does Tribal Pay allow international payments?
What will my initial credit line be?
What benefits does Tribal offer me?
What are the costs related to opening and using a Tribal account?

Corporate Credit Cards

What are corporate cards?
What are virtual cards and how do they work?
Where can I use my Tribal card and does it work worldwide?

Expense Management Dashboard

What are the features of the expense management dashboard?
Who in my team has access to the dashboard?
Does the dashboard have any additional cost?