All your subscription payments together in one place.

Never lose track of your team spending on subscriptions and recurring payments, and never get charged more than you signed up for.

Hassle-free subscription management.

Empower your team to easily pay for the tools and subscriptions they need without losing track of what they’re spending on, when a payment is made, or your total subscription spend.

Save money and avoid duplicate and hidden charges by creating unique virtual cards for each recurring payment.

See what Tribal can do for you

Unlimited virtual cards

Create a unique virtual card for each subscription to avoid overspend, and easily deactivate them in one click when you no longer need them.

Complete visibility

With our reporting tools, you’ll always know when a payment is made and what subscriptions your team is paying for.

Customize Spend Categories

Use the Tribal dashboard to categorize every transaction and subscription. You can also add custom tags to organize.

Flexible real-time controls

With spend limits for each virtual card, pay exactly what you signed up for and never get charged hidden fees. Deactivate cards and users so you don’t pay subscriptions after people leave.

Single-use cards for subscription trials

No more forgetting to cancel free trials.

Set single-use cards for subscription trials to avoid accidentally paying the full amount.