The new way to control your business costs.

Our dashboard is designed with advanced tools to keep you updated in real-time on your company's expenses. Access it from anywhere in the world and compare expense amounts and allocated limits.

Smart reporting tools, right at your fingertips

Real-time updates

View your company's remaining balance and transaction details in one place. You can see the movements in real-time, as each transaction is updated instantly.

Automatic expense sorting

Tribal automatically categorizes every expense, making it easy to interpret what your money is spent on. Plus, you can add your own tags to customize your categories.

Advanced reports

Generate your reporting in a variety of formats for any date range, user, department, supplier, or concept and easily analyze your team's spending.

User functions

Non-administrator users have access to a personal control panel where they can manage their cards or review their movements. They can also assign spending limits, create or suspend cards and obtain customized reports quickly and easily.

Administrator Controls

Administrators have full access to the movements of the company, in order to analyze the transactions made.

The Tribal control panel is very friendly and allows users to add or delete users, assign spending limits for any person, and view or download reports very easily.