What is Tribal Pay?

Tribal Pay allows your company to use credit to make payments at a low cost within your country or abroad.

Cover your expenses with Tribal Pay, including:

- Pay your suppliers and get a low and competitive price for timely payment.
- Cover your digital marketing efforts.
- Grow your business and increase production levels.

Financial clarity with Tribal Pay pricing

Our fee structures are designed with your business in mind, ensuring you can focus on what matters most.

Tribal Pay Over 90 Days

Extend your flexibility with a 3.37% fee on combined card and Tribal Pay utilization over 60 days.

This comprehensive approach ensures you have the financial backing you need, precisely when you need it, without compromising your capital.

Tribal Pay benefits

Efficient payments

Make local and international payments 24/7 with ease.

Improve your cash flow

Access financing for up to 90 days on corporate cards and Tribal Pay without compromising your capital.

Bulk Payments

Simplify and automate your payroll processing and financial transfers by making multiple payments at once.

Get actionable insights

Make informed decisions with detailed analytics and reports on your spending patterns and trends.

Create Approval Policies and authorize payments

Take charge of your financial operations by establishing approval policies and securely authorizing payments.

Usage-Based Cost

Pay only for what you use, the time you use it. No hidden fees or recurrent costs.

Flexible Payment Choices

Make payments on the fly or schedule them.

Download Payment Receipts in bulk

Save time and resources by downloading payment receipts in bulk for convenient record-keeping.

WhatsApp Receipt Link

Seamlessly link receipts to WhatsApp for easy tracking and organization.