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Customer Concentration

Effectively assesses the concentration of major customers in your company.

Balance Sheet

Get an image of the productive and financial resources that your company has.

Cash Flow

Have a basis for estimating future cash needs and their likely sources.

Financial Ratios

Make better decisions for your company by evaluating and adjusting financial ratios.

Profit and loss statement

Keep up-to-date reports of your expenses and income to stay current with the profitability of your business.

Our AI-powered solution does it for you

Unlock business growth with Cash Copilot's GPT-powered (AI) financial insights. Make swift, data-driven decisions tailored to your needs.

All the potential of AI and
open banking data in your finances

Get instant access to powerful financial insights and benchmarks with Cash Copilot, the ultimate tool for mid-sized companies in the MENA region.

Financial Automation Suite

Automate the generation of financial statements and indexes.

Credit and Cash Management

Manage credit to your suppliers and customers, as well as cash flow.

Private AI Scalability

Generative AI technology guarantees privacy and scalability.

Cash Flow Mastery

Manage and monitor your cash flow, expenses, and working capital, and more.