Working capital credit lines

Extended repayment terms of 60 or 90 days from invoicing. 
Because sometimes one month isn’t long enough to pay off your expenses. 

Tribal Credit Spend Control tools for startups

Increase your liquidity and keep your business going.

Paying suppliers and waiting for your accounts receivable sometimes leaves you stuck in the middle with little cash. But this doesn’t have to be your case.
Tribal’s working capital credit lines give you immediate liquidity and extended repayment terms. You’ll be able to coast through seasonalities and continue growing.

Why do working capital lines make sense

Use your credit, pay later

You are invoiced at the end of each month and your payment is not due until 60 or 90 days from that date.

Truly competitive rates

Pay a small monthly fee based on your credit line utilization. You shouldn’t need to pay abusive fees to reach your expansion goals. 

save and control your company's budget and spending

Access the same features you already know 

Manage all your finances through a single platform. No need to complicate your operations depending on another service.