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Is Tribal a credit card? ▼

Tribal Credit is a corporate card made for startups that enables hassle-free payment and control of business expenses, including cross-border payments. Tribal cards are interest-free and can be issued as virtual or physical cards. Founders and startups no longer have to rely on personal credit cards to pay business expenses.

Are you a bank? ▼

Not exactly. Tribal is a fintech solution that partners with banks and the Visa®️ networks. We provide founders and entrepreneurs with corporate cards for the whole team and advanced tools to help them track and control spending. Customers get access to an online dashboard to view transactions in real-time and fully manage business expenses down to the individual spender level—all at the touch of a button.  In some countries, users may connect their Tribal account to a traditional bank account in order to pay off their balance.

How do I pay the balance due on my Tribal card? ▼

Your balance due can be paid through electronic funds transfers. The payment due date will be included in your statement, typically within 7-10 days from receiving the statement. We will soon introduce local payment options in each market we serve.

Why should I use Tribal instead of my debit card? ▼

Unlike most debit cards, Tribal cards provide security, fraud protection and expense management. Our product allows startup founders to issue virtual cards with dynamic spend controls and enables real-time tracking and monitoring. Most debit cards don’t offer rewards for spending. With Tribal, you’ll be able to earn reward points on every transaction you make, which can be redeemed for statement credit or other relevant benefits. Our rewards system will be launching soon.

Getting started with Tribal

Who does Tribal serve? ▼

Tribal is a business-to-business service designed specially for startups and SMEs in emerging markets like MENA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. We cater to entrepreneurs who struggle to access financial services from traditional banks, like opening bank accounts, getting approved for business credit cards, and making cross-border payments.

Does it matter how big my startup is or whether I am venture-backed? What if I am personally funded or turned down investors? ▼

Tribal Credit is intended for startups of all sizes, be it seed, series A or later stage. However, our initial focus will be on high-growth and venture-backed startups. Anyone is eligible to apply, but approvals will be based on the requirements of our banking partners as well as Tribal’s credit policy.

What are the factors that determine whether my company will get approved for a credit line? ▼

Our proprietary algorithm scores and underwrites startups in seconds and assesses the following:

  • Founders’ backgrounds
  • Funding
  • The startup’s investors
  • Business prospects  

Tribal's underwriting process is focused on a startup's future potential for growth, not just its history.

Customer identification and verification is required to comply with financial regulations. In some cases we might require documents for verification, such as bank financial statements, utility bills, and/or business registration.

We might also decline clients or offer a secured card or low credit line until further verification can be obtained.

What is your verification process for new customers? ▼

Tribal Credit utilizes internationally recognized third-party identity verification (IDV) vendors to assist in its verification process. During onboarding, Tribal will ask for a combination of information, access to certain accounts, and documentation that it uses to complete the IDV process.

What will my spending limit be? ▼

The initial spending limit will vary from company to company, depending on the need and credit capacity as determined during our underwriting processes. We continuously monitor spending limits and may make adjustments. Customers may request changes to the credit line at any time.

Why would I need to use Tribal if I am venture-backed? ▼

Tribal provides fundamental benefits that aren’t traditionally available from the financial industry to startups of all sizes, including hassle-free access to corporate cards to pay business expenses, unlimited virtual cards for employees and team members, complete control over company spending with individual cardholder limits, zero interest rate, in addition to earned rewards like discounts and networking opportunities.

Where is your company located? ▼

We are based in San Francisco, California, with remote offices located in Phoenix, New York, Mexico City, Cairo, and Dubai.

Products & features

What are the costs associated with opening and using a Tribal account? ▼

Tribal cards are completely interest-free and we are currently waiving all set-up and user fees for startups that are part of our private beta.

What do you mean by Corporate Cards? ▼

Corporate cards are Visa cards issued to your company’s employees for payment of business expenses, including online subscriptions, travel expenses, office supplies, digital ads, and many other expense types. Unlike credit cards which can carry a revolving balance, cards are paid off in full at the end of each billing period.

How do virtual cards work? ▼

Virtual cards are digital versions of a card that can be used to make purchases anywhere online, in mobile apps, or by adding them to digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Like any card, virtual cards have a 16-digit card number, an expiration date and 3-digit security code. Each card’s spend limit is set by the cardholder, and users can instantly freeze and unfreeze cards.

Once approved for a Tribal account, you can instantly issue virtual cards at the click of a button, and there is no limit to the number of cards you can create. That means virtual cards can easily be issued to all your employees. You can dynamically set your card limits and block any overspend or hidden subscription charges.

Using your Tribal card

Where can I use my Tribal card? Will it work all over the world? ▼

Tribal cards can be used for business transactions wherever Visa is accepted, which is in most countries around the world.

Can I use my physical Tribal card at an ATM to withdraw cash? ▼

No. Cash advances are not available on corporate cards.

What currency does Tribal use? ▼

Tribal Credit is currently issued in U.S. dollars and repayment of your balance due will also be in U.S. dollars, but we will soon include other currencies.

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